Nine PET Recycling Technologies

PET plastic recycling as a large waste force, is widely used in industry. The application field of recycled PET is varies. It can be divided into nine categories as follows:

1 Bottle to bottle
After using PET bottle, it keeps good material properties, for example, after cleaning and drying bottles, becoming the raw material once again is ideal, because the characteristics of PET bottle resin viscosity is much higher than fiber grade resin, many ordinary PET resin can be used to make bottles.

When ensured qualified impurities and moisture, the intrinsic viscosity of the flakes remain above 0.75, making alternative breakable glass bottles plastic bottles for packaging liquid pesticides, oil, chemical reagents.With the help of GREENMAX machine PET dewatering machine Poseidon series, all you need to do is pulse-on the machine and then throw the PET bottles into the feed bins. Poseidon can do all the rest tasks automatically. The liquids are squeezed out while the bottles are compacted.

The key to the technology route is that market capacity is limited, but for the vast majority for water and beverage packaging market, in view of the seriousness of food safety, China does not have social consensus that using recycled PET bottles as raw material, even though more than a dozen countries allow recycled PET bottles made from refillable water and beverages.

2 Polyester staple fiber
At present, the main purpose of cleaned and dried PET flakes is to produce polyester staple fiber, which is mainly used as a PET resin fibers, in the process of bottles tablets, even a small amount of molecules or hydrolytic degraded, will not affect the spinning process to give the desired product.

3 Polyester filament
Currently there are several recognized that PET bottle manufacture polyester filament yarn has a greater economic and social benefits, and a lot of research and development and pre-production worked.

4 Polyester masterbatch
The color of polyester staple fiber products is mostly white, but in the production of mixing and processing clothing with the new material, often requires staining. PET bottles tablets made use the pigment carrier is better than the new fiber grade PET resin chips.

5 Tackifying reactive extrusion technology
Cleaning and initial drying of PET bottle flakes if melted and extruded directly, inevitably occur due to hydrolysis and degradation, which may have an intrinsic viscosity fell 0.5dL / g or less, and requires a minimum of fibers made of PET having an intrinsic viscosity should be greater than 0.65dL / g. Therefore, when the melt extrusion must reduce the moisture content of the bottle as far as possible the film, but more secure way is to join the diffusion reaction thickening agents, growth PET molecular chain.

6 High barrier nanocomposite modified PET bottles and film
PET bottles can be used to enhance and process reinforced and flame retardant, toughness, low warpage and other engineering plastics, can also be used for the required barrier PET bottles, film processing products.


7. PET / PE alloy
PET / PE alloy has a lot of advantages such as hard, high strength, easy processing, low cost, it is less brittle than pure PET, does not require drying prior to processing. This alloy good fluidity, cooling faster than HDPE, is conducive to shorten the cycle moldings. PET / PE alloy Production key lies in selecting compatible agent, currently Europe has three companies successfully developed and put into the market.

8 Other PET modified material
PET can not be directly injected molding, but made of glass fiber reinforced composite materials such as wood can be used for injection molding process, and produced a variety of household appliances, automobiles, computers and other components, has good performance.

9 Plastic bags, cloth

Recently, PET bottles as raw material to manufacture plastic bags, cloth, active research and development work, equipment and processing technology has matured, the industry's concern entrepreneurs and experts in this project are placed on the use of this heavy hope that PET bottle chip applications in the field will contribute to the upgrading of woven products, woven products, open up a new era.