More jobs can be created by recycling business

Now the world's population is growing, the employment problem is getting more and more severe too. Why I said the recycling industry can bring more job opportunities? We can take the foam recycling business as an example.

What is foam recycling? Foam has different types, such as EPS, EPE, XPS etc. These foam can be used to make packaging materials or building insulation materials. During this process, there will be waste foam left. Actually, the waste foam can be used to recycle and make other products.


The recycling of foam materials has many advantages. The waste foam if not be treated correctly may be sent to landfill. This is not good for our environment and many small animals too. Small animals may eat the foam beads by mistake. This is bad for their lives.

The foam recycling can save the energy and resources on our earth. This may be the most important thing in the world which can ensure the constant development.

Waste foam recycling is very easy to some recycling companies. For example, INTCO recycling. It is a typical foam recycling company which has its own recycling machine called GREENMAX. GREENMAX has different kinds of foam recycling machines with different capacity: Compactor and Melter. And they use the foam materials to make recyclable frame products.


During all the foam recycling process. There will be many people included. When put the foam into the machine, people are needed. When put the materials in order, people are needed. When transport the materials, people are also needed. There are many other occupations needed too.

These new occupations can solve the employment problem for a small number of people, and if more and more people are engaged in such recycling industry, it can not only solve the employment problem, but also the resources of the earth can be fully utilized.


So this foam recycling industry can totally bring employment opportunities, other recycling industries can also have opportunities, so as long as everyone is determined to recycle, there will be more and more new jobs can be found.