More And More Foam Disposal Can Be revitalized with the help of GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier

With the rapid development of technology and science, a Styrofoam compactor has been essential to polystyrene recycling industry.

One of the major foam waste sources is generated by the manufacturer that is usually leftover and dust produced by cutting. However, these EPS leftovers and scraps take up a lot of space and often cause dust to fly everywhere. In addition, EPS is flammable and explosive, which has a great potential safety hazard. Many manufacturers would like to use crushers to process these EPS disposals and then sell them to the construction industry.

Selling EPS smashed materials is seasonal, according to market demand, they can be divided into off-season peak season.

Crushing EPS wastes can only achieve a maximum reduction of 3:1, thus in the off-season, those crushed wastes will still make great troubles to manufacturers and cutters, in regard to space storage.

Using GREENMAX EPS compactor or hot melting machine, the foam volume reduction effect is 50:1, 90:1, as we know the sales market of compressed foam materials is tend to be stable recently.

EPS foam compressors are based on the principle of compressing EPS foam into blocks using a helical compression mechanism. In use, the operator simply puts the foam block into the hopper, and the machine has a tearing mechanism to break the foam block, and then the screw mechanism extrudes the small piece of EPS foam into a compressed block having a square cross section.

This compactor uses the principle of cold pressing, and the compression process does not require special heating. There is a pressure regulating device at the front end of the compression section to adjust the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of the raw materials, the compression ratio can reach 30 to 40 times.

Hopefully in the short future that more and more foam waste products can be revitalized and created new values under the help of Styrofoam densifier.