More and more cutters are willing to use EPS densifier to reduce waste


The plasticity of EPS material is much higher than that of other materials, and it can be used for packaging of red wine, home appliances, and even any shape of product. The newly produced EPS is generally a whole piece. After cutting, the EPS can become any look you want.


The recyclability of EPS means that EPS waste can also be recycled. The cutter bought a GREENMAX EPS densifier M-C100, which is used to recycle EPS waste. The M-C100 machine has a built-in cutter and a hot-melt screw. The EPS waste that is put into the machine is first smashed into a dust shape by the cutter, and then heated and melted by the hot-melt screw, and finally the EPS ingot is produced.


Compared to EPS waste, EPS ingot is hard in texture and is a kind of hard plastic, which is what we often call recyclable plastic. EPS ingot can be used as a raw material for hangers, photo frames, skirting, etc. Cutter is happy to sell it to the end market or GREENMAX. GREENMAX is not only a good manufacturer of recycling machines, but also a good buyer. GREENMAX promises cutters that it will acquire its EPS ingot.


More and more cutter is keen on EPS recycling. EPS recycling can not only help cutters deal with EPS waste, but also profit from it and make full use of resources.