Monroe County's Styrofoam densifier helps it sell its inventory of foam waste


Monroe county has been collecting clean, white EPS scraps (the generic name for Styrofoam) while waiting for an economically viable method of transportation and recycling.


Monroe county is a county in western New York. The county is on the southern coast of Ontario. Monroe county, which has a large population, has been faced with challenges in waste management in recent years, and now it is looking for ways to recycle a type of #6 plastic foam, also known as Styrofoam.


Styrofoam contains 98 percent air, which means putting them in a truck mostly results in just hauling a bunch of air from one place to another. Bulky Styrofoam takes a lot spaces during storage and transportation, so most of the recycling centers and drop-off sites do not accept this material for recycling.


Fortunately, the county now has a foam melting machine, also known as a densifier, to compact large chunks of Styrofoam into dense foam ingots. This machine has greatly improved the efficiency of Styrofoam recycling. The compressed foam ingots are no longer stacked and can be sold directly at a high price.


Styrofoam densifier is a foam compression equipment which is based on the technology of crushing and melting, it can compress air, reduce the foam volume and finally make the loose foam as dense blocks. There are a variety of foam densifiers to choose in the market, one of the most famous is GREENMAX screw melting machine from INTCO recycling. The company provides foam recycling services worldwide and it is the leading company in the Styrofoam recycling industry.


GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is well known in the market for its high quality and cost performance. Customers who has known GREENMAX for years may be more familiar with our cold compactor, the Styrofoam compactor designed with advanced European technology and well-known accessories, it is also famous for its good after-sales services. Upgrade from the cold compactor, the GREENMAX MARS series foam densifier also quickly occupied the US market.


Monroe County's case demonstrates that polystyrene recycling equipment is worth the investment. Companies with enough foam waste will have a return on investment within 10 years.