Maybe EPS Recycling Machine is The Best Choice For Handling Pollution in Southeast Asia


The Status of Waste EPS in Southeast Asia

When it comes to EPS(polyfoam), we always think of pollution. Then how have those countries in Southeast Asia managed to handle EPS recycling and pollution in recent years? Although the governments of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Laos still allow the import of waste plastics, the requirements will be stricter. However, they discharge waste EPS and harm the environment like burning it directly at will.



Take Brunei Customers as an Example to Show the Necessity of EPS Recycling Machine

According to the introduction of a Brunei customer who recently cooperated with GREENMAX, Brunei has no solution for EPS. Most people in this industry think it’s better to burn it directly because it is not only legal to burn plastic in Brunei, but also do not need to pay any fees.

However, in Brunei, it is very expensive to buy EPS packaging, so this customer of GREENMAX wants to buy discarded EPS for free, and then compress it into particles and sell it to us. Greatly, the biggest function of the EPS compactor machine is to compress waste EPS into particles.



How Does EPS compactor Machine Deal with Waste EPS

The process of handling waste EPS with GREENMAX machine can be divided into four steps. Firstly, we can throw the waste EPS into the hopper. Secondly, the smashing knife will smash the foam. Then use a hydraulic device to hydraulically crush the EPS. Finally, it is extruded with a screw and compacted EPS blocks. The volume of the processed blocks is only 1/50 of the original volume. Not only save space and protect the environment but also become a new material that can create profits.



Taking the above-mentioned into consideration, we all think that maybe the EPS recycling machine is the best choice for handling pollution in Southeast Asia. If you have these troubles, welcome to join GRENNMAX to learn more.