Many Televisions Interviewed Intco

On June 3, 2016, many televisions, Internets, print media visited Shandong INTCO Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. And interviewed Mr. Frank Liu, the chairman of INTCO. The interview is about "build a new environmentally friendly recycling industry, based on the establishment of an international Linzi enterprises" for environmental protection.

ps moulding

Mr. Frank Liu, the chairman of INTCO group, described the process of INTCO Environmental Protection recycled from waste EPS to reuse as fine products in detail. By recycling and reprocessing waste EPS with GREENMAX styrofoam recycling machine, reduced PS, 2,000,000 trees to be cut down annually, It is truly green recycling, environmentally friendly, successful realized "turning waste plastic into treasure."


ps frames

In the exhibition hall, the chairman of INTCO, Mr. Frank Liu showed the photo frame gift boxes which made for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo official gifts, many media reporters were deeply impressed on high simulation wood and metal effect of recycled PS. As manufacturing company, INTCO GREENMAX not only has industry-leading scale, but also is in the international leading role in the industry in technology development and product design. Environmental protection and design as two important pillars, INTCO walks on the road of independent innovation. When many domestic export enterprises were generally in trouble, the INTCO order has been rising.


intco exhibition hall

As an environmental manufacturing company facing the global home industry market in Linzi, has been committed to environmental protection by the INTCO personnel training, we have learning and visiting opportunities for a large number of employees abroad every year. It was that little bit of innovation, realized INTCO huge forward drive force.


intco showing room

INTCO attaches great importance to enhance the environmental protection department employee benefits, not only the annual Audi, paid holiday vouchers, etc., and the staff will take a tour in Korea this year, make employees feel personally relax in Korean fashion, and enjoy the exotic scenery, so that every employee feel the dividends of business development.

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