Making profits from EPS recycling with the application of professional EPS compactor


EPS material is widely used in different industries, although surrounding by EPS waste every day, there are few enterprises regard EPS recycling as a business, not to mention making profits from it.


As we know, most of the EPS products are single-used or just used for one time, after millions of tons EPS are discarded, it has become “White Garbage” that placed in the natural environment. They can neither be rotted and transformed, nor can they be decomposed by themselves, thus causing serious environmental pollution. In addition, it is also a waste of valuable non-renewable resources.


The environmental problems caused by EPS waste have now attracted the attention of experts from all over the world. But as enterprises, why can’t we get opportunities in this plastic war?


Recycling EPS foam can not only avoid environmental problems, but also bring good profits for enterprises. Even some chain furniture stores and logistics companies have entered the recycling industry and started to make profits from EPS packaging recycling.


Most EPS products are currently not effectively recycled due to the lack of equipment investment and professional recycling technology. Because of its low density, EPS recycling is generally considered to be uneconomical, however, if EPS waste can be compacted during the initial stages of recycling, the compressed foam will become a recyclable commodity with high value for the production of recycled PS pellets.


Scandinavian Design, a famous furniture chain in America, has applied GREENMAX EPS compactor to solve its EPS packaging waste accumulation problems. With the machine used for one year, more than 20,000 pounds of EPS waste were recycled, and 600 garbage bins are saved. What surprised them is that this project will bring them more profits in the following years.


Now more and more enterprises and organizations began to attach more importance to EPS recycling, because it is a good business that can bring us profits.