Make company's business environmentally friendly with the help of GREENMAX


As foam pollution is increasing, logistics, packaging, cutters, manufacturers, retailers and other industries that use foam in large quantities are under pressure from consumers and policies, and are seeking to make businesses more environmentally friendly.


GREENMAX is pleased to work with a furniture store in Washington to help their businesses become more environmentally friendly. The furniture store wastes tons of foam packaging per year. Before working with GREENMAX, they need to pay the garbage disposal fee to the recycler. After the cooperation, they can convert the expenditure into income.


The furniture store selected the foam densifier M-C100 in the GREENMAX recycling machine based on the amount of foam discarded. This machine uses a screw hot melt technology, which is heated by screw extrusion and melts foam waste to squeeze 98% of its air content to produce a high-density foam ingot with a hard texture.


Compared to foam waste, foam ingot saves a lot of storage space, and greatly improves efficiency during transportation. Most importantly, foam ingot can be sold again. For some terminal markets such as photo frames, wood-like materials and so on, foam ingot is the raw material of the goods and always needs to be purchased. At the same time, GREENMAX promises to machine customers, will repurchase foam ingot, will be a reliable buyer of furniture stores.


If the company is environmentally friendly, environmentally conscious consumers can maintain a good impression of it, and also respond to increasingly stringent environmental policies, GREENMAX can help.