Machines with new improved Polystyrene recycling technology

Polystyrene foam waste are recycled with recycling machines in many countries. This is a major step toward freeing valuable landfill space and restoring water quality for marine life.
Styrofoam recycling machine, which melts large, lightweight foam blocks into a dense paste that can be reused. The advantage is that the machine not only can make the waste 90 times denser and cheaper to ship, but also can make the waste valuable as a commodity.


Polystyrene waste can be sold to manufacturers to build renewable useful plastic items such as picture frames and crown molding. The resale value is high and there’s a demand for the polystyrene waste, residents in many countries are required to hold onto their clean foam packaging and put them in the recycling centers. Landfills are filling up, so this measure can help slow the process.
In the past, millions of tons of expanded polystyrene occupied landfills around the world. Then the governments adopted bans on restaurant use of polystyrene packaging. More recently, lots of countries have also banned the sale of polystyrene products, such as foam coffee cups and egg trays.
But reducing waste is only part of the solution, when waste foam doesn’t make itself to the landfill, it begins to endanger the marine life. Styrofoam breaks into tiny bits that look like food to fish and birds. The foam acts as a sponge, attracting chemical runoff and creating poisonous nuggets eaten by marine life and it can’t biodegrade.


Recycling machines can process these waste into renewable useful products. These machines make the recycling process easier. Densifiers would break down and condense items such as foam packaging, cups, and shipping supplies into smaller units shaped like bricks. Once the polystyrene is condensed into bricks it will be shipped off to end markets and recycled into plastic products.
INTCO focuses on producing foam melting machines, along with the recycling service of waste plastic such as EPS and polystyrene. The company offers recycling methods for several types of materials and provides reasonable price. Besides, the company is also very good at exporting different types of recycling machines.