Machine for disposing PE foam is an important “step” for recycling


Polyethylene foam, also known as PE foam, is most commonly used to cushion products in packaging applications. PE foams are designed to provide maximum protection with a minimum use of material, reducing the amount of packaging required.

polyethylene foam has been providing solutions to a variety of packaging and energy absorption needs. In most cases this material is fully recyclable and have a value in the arena of recycled commodities.


Environmental debates over plastic materials also drive the demand to divert these foam materials from the landfill. Yet, these fine materials that have demand in the market are sent to the landfill as waste.

The demand for sustainability of all materials whether foam plastics or any other materials are becoming the way of life. When recycling foam materials such as polyethylene foam, economic transportation becomes one of the major issues pertaining to the ability for a successful recycling program of these materials.


Due to the large volume of the PE foam, it is difficult for the recyclers to deal with such materials with large volume, and many people are reluctant to recycle. Larger volumes not only consume storage space, but also cost much more transportation costs. So if people want to recycle the PE foam materials, the most important thing to do is to find the right way and tool to deal with the PE foam.

GREENMAX from INTCO recycling is committed to supplying solutions to a variety of foam materials , it can also provide PE foam recycling machines . One of the recycling machines supplied by GREENMAX is called densifiers. They are the machines which can help reduce the volume of the bulky PE foam. The machine can work at a ratio of 90: 1. The recycled materials will be 90 times smaller than the loose PE foam materials.



The densifiers are perfect machines for disposing the PE foam materials for the important first step. Because the recycled PE foam can be sold to other Granulating companies to produce other plastic materials. The recycling of foam materials are really environmental and economic methods to reuse the world’s resources. So to dispose the PE foam, using a good “tool” is a very important thing.