Let the American EPS Fish Boxes Rely on EPS Compactor for Regeneration and Utilization

When you see more and more people around you changing into short sleeves, it means summer is coming. Summer is a romantic season, people can't help but think of watermelon, cicadas, and the beautiful sea. Many people are keen to taste the delicious fish from the sea in this season. There will inevitably be a period of time from fishing, sub packaging to marketing. If the fish are not well preserved, it is easy for them to deteriorate due to high temperatures.

For the sake of heat preservation and portability, many fish traders choose expanded polystyrene (EPS) as the packaging of fish. In the United States, the popularity of the fish market is not only a blessing for fishers but also a disaster for the environment. Too many fish boxes will be discarded because they cannot be effectively recycled, and the last phase will be sent to landfills, causing huge pollution to the environment. But this summer, the EPS compactor will change this situation.

Nowadays, the EPS compactor is a device that can't be ignored because of the development of recycling. As an efficient and pollution-free cold pressing technology, EPS can be recovered with a high compression ratio of 50:1. Of course, it is not that there is no recycling machine with a higher compression ratio. However, the EPS compactor has a unique advantage because it does not need heating, even if the material contains water, it will not affect the effect of compressing EPS, so it is the best treatment equipment for fish boxes containing a lot of water.

The United States is close to the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico, with a coastline of 22680 kilometers. Every year, the United States imports and exports a large number of fish and fish products, which means that there are many fish processors in the United States. If not properly handled, the EPS fish containers they use will lead to a lot of waste of EPS. Obviously, the U.S. Fish box market has a huge potential, and the EPS compactor should show a huge impact on the recovery of fish boxes this summer.