Is Available to Get Profits from Recycling Styrofoam for Manufacturers with the Help of Styrofoam Densifier

Most of the time you hear people around you saying that Styrofoam is a kind of material that has been difficult to degrade naturally for hundreds of years, thus many people think that it is not recyclable. But what is the truth? Styrofoam is actually a 100% recyclable material. Despite all this, it is estimated that the recycling rate of Styrofoam in the world is only 12%. Even Styrofoam manufacturers with a large amount of Styrofoam is no exception to not choose to recycle it. What brings about this situation?


GREENMAX, which designed Styrofoam densifier and is committed to Styrofoam recycling, has seen through the essence of this situation. It maintains that the most fundamental reason for Styrofoam manufacturers to make this choice is inseparable from profit. It is cheaper to manufacture fresh Styrofoam than to collect and recycle it, which is not cost-effective. Although most Styrofoam manufacturers greatly aware of the benefits of recycling, they still avoid it, as it is not a profitable venture.


GREENMAX fully understands the crux of Styrofoam manufacturers, so its attractive point is to make Styrofoam recycling a profitable business rather than a charity or obligation without return. Styrofoam densifier, which is specializing in recycling Styrofoam with hot-melting technology, is one of the most essential parts. After the crushing, melting and extrusion of Styrofoam densifier, waste Styrofoam is formed hot-melted ingots, which can be purchased back by GREENMAX at a higher price than the market to make Styrofoam manufacturers achieve profit acquisition.


Nowadays, there are many machines with similar technology to GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier in the recycling market. Nevertheless, the complete recycling scheme and high-quality service provided by GREENMAX, from machines to buying ingots, are difficult to copy. GREENMAX pays close attention to the practical needs of each customer and suits the medicine to the case, which cures their headache for Styrofoam and aims at advancing the development of the recycling business in the world.