INTCO Birthplace Cup International Youth Football Championship 2016

INTCO birthplace cup international youth football championship 2016 closed perfectly, INTCO Environmental Protection won the Zibo City Sports "Outstanding Contribution Award".

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At 7:30 on October 7, INTCO birthplace cup international youth football championship 2016 ended. Atletico Madrid U15 youth team won the tournament in three straight victories, China U15 selection team won the fair competition award, Germany Werder Bremen U15, Iran Frau Seephan U15 won the third or fourth award. The players Sergio Carmelo, Cedric Tequila in Atletico U15 Youth won the best value player. 

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The "birthplace Cup" International Youth Football Championships was held in Zibo city, this is an important measure to expand foreign exchanges, promote cultural transmission, enhance the origin of football brand awareness. It is of great significance for promoting the rapid development of football in Zibo, to enhance the level of youth football. It is understood that the " birthplace Cup" tournament will be held annually in Zibo, Zibo has become an exclusive international brand traditional events.

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As one of the "birthplace Cup" the four major football tournament partners, INTCO recycling won Zibo Sports "Outstanding Contribution Award" which is issued by the municipal government. As a major force to support the construction of sports culture, INTCO has been committed to environmental protection for many years, hope to promote the Zibo sports activities, to create a rich Colorful Zibo amateur activities and healthy civilized spiritual civilization. As a brand of INTCO, GREENMAX machine is proud of the award of the Zibo City Sports "Outstanding Contribution Award".

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