Increasing development of expanded polystyrene recycling machines

Due to the terrible white pollution, people gradually become to realize the importance and necessity of protecting the environment during the recent years. Some environmental protection organizations even sponsor communities and schools to join in the campaigns of waste plastic recycling. These campaigns aim at expanding education to the youth and the community about proper recycling measures of polystyrene recycling.
The idea of sustainability has become people’s purpose to protect the environment several decades ago. People have strong need to continue to look for meaningful ways to further reduce the constant plastic waste which are buried or burned in landfills. Relevant Institutes have launched a new campaign  that takes an important step in ensuring valuable reusable materials are  recycled instead of buried in landfills.

In the past years, a dozen members of the environment protection organizations came together to establish the Foam Recycling Coalition to provide direct support for the increased recycling of waste packaging materials made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam which include the cups, plates, bowls and carryout containers. Besides, the members collected and recycled meat packages and egg cartons from the grocery store. Some companies which have the technology and facilities of recycling helped businesses in many industries to increase their capacity to accept abandoned EPS foam products.
Recently, the EPS foam recycling efforts have focused on industrial sectors where things like protective packaging for refrigerators or televisions result in large volumes of material collected from commercial product distributors and vendors. The environment protection organizations will target in supporting entities to manage residential curbside and drop-off recycling programs and extend foam product recycling to higher level.
It is necessary for people to recycle EPS cost-effectively. The obstacle has always been the sheer volume of space required to transport the recycled foam content to a processor that will then recompose the foam into a reusable form for the next stage of a continued life cycle. 
Some recycling companies provide material recovery facilities such as compactors and densifiers that can compress or melt the foam. Since foam products consist of more than 90 percent air, the compactor and densifier greatly reduce the volume of space required to store or transport EPS. Recycling machines greatly increase the cost-effectiveness of collecting and redistributing EPS materials.


Expanding the volume of reusable foam is good for the environment, the public and many different industries which use renewable EPS foam to make insulation boards or decorative frames. It is important to expand EPS foam recycling and make people aware of recycling waste polystyrene.
INTCO is a professional recycling company which aims at recycling and making different kinds of waste plastic into renewable useful products. Protecting the environment is everyone’s duty, so INTCO makes contribution to giving people more help in recycling. The company focuses on producing foam compactors and melting machines which can process expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), expanded polypropylene (EPP) and polystyrene paper (also known as PSP). The company is professional in producing recycling machines and good at exporting.