How to use foam densifier for recycling?


Recently, there are more and more voices calling for recycling technology to promote recycling activities, and GREENMAX supports this appeal. GREENMAX has been established for more than ten years, as a professional manufacturer of foam recycling equipment, we are well aware of the impact of recycling technology on the local environment, employment and economy. Just like the introduction of foam densifier M-C50 in Oregon.



Foam densifier M-C50 is the smallest of several recycling machine models currently sold by GREENMAX, but this does not affect it has high compression ratio of 90:1. The whole machine is composed of rotating cutters, hot screws, heating coils and other important parts, and is semi-automatic. After the worker throws foam trash into the hopper, it will first be crushed into foam and automatically fall into the screw part. After being heated and melted, it will be pushed to the discharge port and produce a high-density foam ingot.



Foam ingot is a raw material for photo frames, skirting, stationery, hangers, park benches, wood-like materials and other products. It has a wide end market demand and GREENMAX is also purchasing it.

This circular recycling economic model centered on the foam densifier was introduced in Oregon, and was placed in the recycling center. The municipal government published address information and business hours in local newspapers to facilitate residents to throw in foam trash.



The introduction of recycling technology can first ensure that less waste enters the environment, and secondly, it can create more employment opportunities. Of course, the impact on the economy is greatest. The recycling industry is one of the most promising markets in recent years. The recycling technology that can be integrated into the circular economy can greatly improve the efficiency of converting waste into profits and create more economic value.