How to turn Styrofoam waste into a revenue stream by a foam densifier


As consumer demand drives global production of foam products and waste, the need for innovative strategies to improve environmental sustainability continues to grow. As long as non-environmental degradable foams are produced, improved recycling technologies must continue to be developed to reduce additional material consumption and reduce the amount of non-degradable plastic waste in landfills.


Styrofoam is an extremely useful product for the transport of delicate and perishable goods. but due to the light weight, large volume, and low degradation features, dealing with the foam waste creates entirely different problems.


Most recycling and waste management companies don not offer total Styrofoam recycling services, however, GREENMAX has a unique solution that not only solves your Styrofoam disposal problems, but also turns it into a revenue stream.


The GREENMAX foam densifier works in three stages. Firstly, you should feed the loose Styrofoam into the hopper, and then the foam waste will be crushed to remove the shape and air it contains. Secondly, the screw melter will heat the Styrofoam waste into high density briquette form in a volume reduction ratio of 90:1, and finally, the melted foam will be extruded out as dense ingots. The melted foam ingots are really useful, recycled Styrofoam is a substitute for many virgin materials and is recognized as a valuable renewable recourse on the market. So you can sell it at a good price to make profits.


GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier has been sold to more than 70 countries and regions. Industries we have served include manufacturers, recyclers, fisheries, home appliance packaging, logistics, local government and organizations, etc.


If you are still concerned about the recycling of Styrofoam waste, you can turn for help to GREENMAX, we will provide free consulting services for you and design an appropriate Styrofoam recycling program according to your requirements.