How to Strengthen the Recycling Management of EPS Foam Packaging in Illinois?

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the economy, sustainability has become a new model that people have been pursuing, and it also has a positive impact on the progress of the recycling industry. EPS foam, usually labeled as foam # 6, has always been the material of great concern in the recycling industry. After all, a large number of EPS foam packaging will be produced in daily life. 

Recently, on Earth Day, ABT Electronics announced its new recycling center in Illinois, not only twice and a half times larger than the previous one, but also with updated equipment, including the GREENMAX machine for recycling EPS foam packaging. GREENMAX EPS foam densifier, the thermal recycling machine, is the method to enhance the recycling management of EPS foam packaging. In which aspects does EPS foam densifier achieve this? Please look at the following.

(1)Warehouse space management
EPS foam package contains a large amount of air, and its density is very small. Imagine what the stack of white EPS foam would be like to be in the warehouse, not only dust floating in the air but also debris and particles scattered on the ground. This will cause two dangers. First, the inhalation of EPS foam dust will affect health. 

In addition, so many EPS foam will also have the risk of fire. One of the essential reasons why EPS foam densifier stands out in the market is its high compression ratio, which can compress EPS foam package into high-density hot melting ingots.

(2)Recycling cost management
What you may not know is that recycling used to be a high-cost activity. Collection, transportation, landfill, each link requires a lot of money and labor costs to support so that many enterprises cannot bear the burden. Now the application of EPS foam densifier makes it possible to save costs. 

First, the compression function of EPS foam densifier greatly saves the space required by EPS foam. In addition, EPS foam ingots can be sold to granulation manufacturers, due to they are the raw materials for granulation in the market. EPS foam densifier has become the link of the circular economy.

The recycling of EPS foam packaging will definitely have further development in Illinois. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen recycling management. EPS foam densifier will make a great contribution to the future of the recycling business.