How to Solve the Problem of the Circuit Breaker of Foam Compactor

With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, foam compactor has become a favorable means for recyclers to recycle foam.

As a fine machine using densification technology, the foam compactor has a perfect circuit system. Take GREENMAX machine, the representative of the recycling machine industry, as an example, its equipment not only has excellent accessories but also provides complete troubleshooting. This article will take the circuit breaker(Motor protection switch)as an instance to show you how to deal with its faults.

Possible Situations

If some breakdowns in the circuit breaker of foam compactor, there are usually the following four cases:
1. The motor of the device does not work.
2. The touch screen interface of device shows "X motor overload." (X can be any motor of device)
3. The black button of the circuit breaker cannot be pressed.
4. Frequent trips of the device.

Fault causes and Solutions
1. The actual current does not match the rated current of the motor.
2. The mechanical structure of the circuit breaker is damaged.
3. The main contact of circuit breaker is burnt or damaged.
If the above three reasons cause the fault of the circuit breaker, the general treatment method is unable to solve it, so we can only choose to replace the circuit breaker to ensure the normal operation of the foam compactor.

4. Motor overload of equipment. That is, the workload of the motor exceeds its efficiency.
5. Missing items of circuit breaker.
If the above two reasons cause the fault of the circuit breaker, you can check the input and output voltage and whether the motor is damaged or stuck.
Generally, as long as you repair and clean the motor, you can solve the trouble.

Because of the increasing demand for foam recycling, many enterprises are involved in the design and sale of foam recycling machines. However, there are not many fault analyses and solutions like GREENMAX. What's more, no matter which country you live in, you choose to cooperate with GREENMAX. Once the machine fails, it will send engineers for on-site maintenance. Isn't this quality service worth your attention?