How to simplify the Styrofoam recycling process through Styrofoam densifier


Take California as an example. California is one of the first states to implement waste sorting to help recycling. For a long time, it has been known for its advanced environmental awareness. The population of the state has this great enthusiasm for "recycling", and the use rate of Styrofoam densifier in California is also among the highest.

California’s roadside blue recycling bins are filled with Styrofoam waste generated in the lives of residents. This is due to the fact that California municipalities have incorporated Styrofoam waste into the municipal solid waste recycling system. Simplifying the recycling procedures of residents can promote the development of Styrofoam recycling. This is also the reason why Styrofoam densifier is most used in California.



The Styrofoam waste collected from the recycling bin will be processed in the recycling center. How to deal waste with this simply and efficiently, this problem has become a must. The Styrofoam densifier can solve this problem well.

Styrofoam densifier uses a combination of cutter crushing and screw hot melt to improve recycling efficiency. The whole machine runs semi-automatically and can be operated with a small amount of manual labor. The volume ratio of the produced Styrofoam ingot to waste is 90:1, which means that the cost of recycling will be greatly reduced in the storage and transportation links.



Styrofoam densifier not only solves the problem of stacking Styrofoam waste, but also solves the terminal problem of Styrofoam ingot after converting it to Styrofoam ingot. GREENMAX, the manufacturer of Styrofoam densifier, as a well-known California recycling machine brand with more than ten years of recycling experience, promises to its customers that it will acquire Styrofoam ingot to manufacture photo frames, mirror frames and other products.



One is to improve recycling efficiency, and the other is to simplify recycling procedures. Both of these methods can promote the development of Styrofoam recycling. The Styrofoam densifier that can implement these two methods is therefore popular.