How to recycle Styrofoam packaging that comes from household appliances

The rigid white packaging foam used to protect TV sets, computers and other household appliances are called Styrofoam. There are usually #6 recycling symbols on this product.

Actually, residential Styrofoam packaging recycling is always be ignored. Household Styrofoam packaging is fragmented, you probably buy a set of electrical equipment today, then get a foam packaging, and a few days later will get a second. However, because of the lightweight and large volume, the material will take up a large amount of household space. So many people do not choose to keep it, but directly throw the foam waste into the community trash can.

Once in the trash can, the Styrofoam waste may finally end up in landfills. Because Styrofoam is not easy to degrade, the waste foam packaging will be there for hundreds of years, thus polluting our soil, water and the whole environment.

Recycling keeps Styrofoam packaging waste out of local landfills and then turns it into such everyday products as pictures frames, clothes hangers, and decorative moldings, etc.

While how to recycle Styrofoam packaging that comes from household appliances?

The whole process to return new life to Styrofoam waste needs to collect and compact the used Styrofoam packaging first. You can get the Styrofoam packaging waste from large shopping malls or community recycling program. Actually, the main difficulties of Styrofoam packaging recycling is transportation, the bulky foam is proved to be not cost-effective if transport loosely.

GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine can reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 50:1 and save much cost during transportation. The screw compression technology of the Styrofoam compactor brings great convenience to the recyclers, and the compacted Styrofoam blocks can be sold at a good price as well.

Since such Styrofoam compactor was put into use, the recycling rate of Styrofoam has been greatly increased. GREENMAX will fight side by side with you to create a brilliant tomorrow of Styrofoam recycling industry.