How to recycle polyethylene waste with GREENMAX PE foam compactor?


Polyethylene (PE foam), is a lightweight packaging material that is commonly used for electronic appliances and precision instruments. As one of the plastic types, the material can be recycled by professional PE foam compactor. The following is an introduction to PE foam recycling and the recycling equipment.



The recycling process of polyethylene foam

In fact, polyethylene is widely used as a general purpose packaging material, and it is also recyclable. The PE foam recycling process basically includes collection, compression, packing. Make sure your PE foam has been sorted out from other waste and is relatively clean. Choose the appropriate capacity of the equipment according to your amount of waste. Professional equipment used for PE foam compression has higher efficiency and more security. Finally, the compressed foam will be packaged to reuse or sale.



GREENMAX PE foam compactor

GREENMAX PE foam compactor is different from the traditional foam cold compactor. It adopts the advanced surface melting technology, which makes the foam blocks denser.

The principle of the equipment is relatively simple. the PE foam waste can be crushed into small pieces by the crushing knives, then these pieces will be transported to the screw extrusion, compressed foam pass on the surface of hot melt process, forming a hot melt film in the surface layer of compression block, which can prevent it from loosening again, GREENMAX ZEUS series PE foam compactor is specialized designed for polyethylene foam recycling.



Precautions for equipment operation:

1. Before starting, please read and observe all warning labels.

2. Feed only for EPS, XPS, EPP, PE foam, etc. DO NOT feed other things such as wood, card board and metal materials.

3. Do not open the window of crusher if the machine is running.

4. Do not open the electrical control panel unless it is necessary to check the electrical equipment.

5. Regular maintenance and add oil in time.