How to choose a Styrofoam recycling machine that suits you best?

Styrofoam recycling machine should be no stranger to the foam recycling industry. It is a professional equipment that reduces the volume of foam waste through the crushing and compression process, thereby saving storage and transportation costs in the recycling process.

At present, Styrofoam recycling equipment has a wide range of applications, such as manufacturers, fishermen, logistics companies, etc. But how to choose the most suitable model for you?


1.The type of Styrofoam recycling machine required can be determined according to the company's scale and the amount of foam waste.

Generally speaking, the larger the Styrofoam waste volume, the more productive machines we need to process the accumulated waste in a timely manner, saving labor and storage space. Of course, machines with large capacity will be more expensive, but in terms of overall ROI, large machines are definitely the right choice for companies with large amount of Styrofoam waste. Living Space is a typical case of waste Styrofoam disposal with large-capacity machines from GREENMAX recycling in furniture stores.


2. Choose the Styrofoam recycling machine according to the budget.

The company's economic strength determines the configuration level to a certain extent. We can also choose brands and models with high cost-effectiveness among the relatively inexpensive machines. The small-capacity machines launched by GREENMAX are specifically aimed at such companies and provide customers with the best quality machines with limited funds.

3. Material type is also an important factor in equipment selection.

In fact, there are many types of foam waste that can be recycled, such as EPS, XPS, PE foam, EPP and so on. The machine provided by GREENMAX recycling, especially the MARS series foam hot melt machine, can be used for different foam materials disposal. But be careful not to mix different materials, because the difference in density will cause damage to the machine. In addition, PE foam is suitable for processing with GREENMAX ZEUS series surface melting machine, this is the unique advantage of the GREENMAX machine.


What we mentioned above has roughly summarized the basic needs of selecting Styrofoam recycling machines, GREENMAX recycling will bring you more professional knowledge of Styrofoam recycling equipment.