How important is GREENMAX machine to your polystyrene recycling project


Recycling is a process that effectively promotes overall environmental improvement. With the development of technology, the recycling industry has also seen a significant improvement in the use of equipment. So how important is foam recycling machine to the polystyrene recycling industry?


In fact, polystyrene recycling is not an easy and cost-effective project. Due to its lightweight and wide coverage area, polystyrene can be easily blown away in the wind or require more recycling boxes for transportation. The collection and transportation of polystyrene waste involves considerable cost.


GREENMAX polystyrene compactor helps significantly reduce the cost during the process of polystyrene recycling. What is needed for the operator is to load the foam waste to the hopper and wait the machine to crush and compact the loose polystyrene into dense blocks. This helps the company save a lot of time and manpower, which directly contributes to increasing revenue.


The biggest advantage of GREENMAX foam compactor is the application of advanced European technology and brand parts, in normal conditions it almost can be used for 10 years without problems. In addition, we have machines with a capacity of 100kg/h to 300kg/h, with a compression ratio of 50:1. You can choose the machines according to your waste amount and industry scale. To be more important, the compressed foam blocks can be sold at a good price to produce new foam products, and the hard-to-process foam waste has become a valuable renewable resource.


Therefore, advancements in polystyrene recycling partly owes to the use of professional foam recycling machines. Carrying out polystyrene recycling project, the government agency is to serve the environmental protection cause, and the terminal company is to deal with waste and make profits from it. The ultimate goal is that everyone is profiting from polystyrene recycling.