How does Styrofoam compactor bring convenience to the fishing industry

Styrofoam is the leading packaging material for fish product protection solution in the global market, from shipping to sales counters. Styrofoam is widely used due to the advantages of thermal performance, shock protection, stack strength and proven ecological certification.

Most Styrofoam fish boxes are used only once and thus produce a lot of waste. These waste will eventually get into our natural environment, and can’t dispose for hundreds or thousands of years.

In the Thy-Mors FLAG area, at the port of Hanstholm, one of Denmark’s largest fishing ports, producing 150 tonnes of Styrofoam waste a year, equivalent to 8,500 cubic metres. In Denmark, some Styrofoam waste is converted into insulation. Instead, the foam fish boxes in the FLAG area are usually compressed into large compact cubes and transported to southern Europe for processing.

Styrofoam compactor from GREENMAX can bring much convenience to the fishing industry. The used foam fish boxes can be collected and compacted into tight blocks with the cold compressing technology. The advantage of the machine is that the Styrofoam boxes that contain waster can be also processed, and compression ratio reaches 50:1, which can greatly reduce the foam volume and save storage and transportation costs.

There is no denying that Styrofoam recycling is very beneficial not only to our environment but also to economy. Because the recycled Styrofoam is a good resource to be reused to make new foam products, such as photo frames and decorative moldings.

If you have a large amount of Styrofoam to dispose, the best thing you can do is to install foam recycling machines in your industry. As Styrofoam compactor can bring much benefits to the fishing industry, so do the packaging, transportation ad other industries.