How does GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier prevent misplacement of resources effectively

"Garbage is a resource that has been misplaced." When Styrofoam waste is in a landfill, it takes up to 100 years to be recycled. When Styrofoam waste is in the Styrofoam densifier, it is the renewable resource being processed. The recycled Styrofoam can become the raw material for park benches, photo frames, hangers, baseboards and other products.

Because Styrofoam waste has huge recycling potential, more and more recyclers hope to introduce Styrofoam recycling project. But first, the high cost of Styrofoam recycling needs to be solved. Styrofoam's expansion characteristics make it difficult for recyclers to store and transport, that is to say, to recycle Styrofoam waste that is not processed by Styrofoam recycling equipment, recyclers will spend a large amount of recycling costs.

GREENMAX, as a professional manufacturer of recycling machines, responds to the demands of recyclers. The Styrofoam densifier M-C100 with the highest compression ratio has been developed. The machine is equipped with a rotating cutter, and at the same time uses a heated screw compression technology. The crushed and melted Styrofoam becomes as hard as a solid brick. Styrofoam ingot, the volume ratio with Styrofoam waste can reach 90: 1.

The recycler purchases the Styrofoam densifier M-C100 produced by GREENMAX to solve the recycling cost problem. At the same time, GREENMAX repurchases the Styrofoam ingot, for the production of photo frames, which allows the recycler to have a reliable and stable buyer.

This win-win approach has attracted many recyclers to cooperate with it, and also promoted the development of the recycling industry in some states.