How Does GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier Become Your Best Helper Compared With Rivals In Managing Polystyrene Rubbish

As polystyrene comprised of 98% air, extremely light in weight, it is said that around more than 80% polystyrene wastes have not been well recycled and regenerated from home and businesses all over the country.

However, foam waste among polystyrene is the biggest disposal source, due to its lightweight and bulky size, which makes foam wastes difficult and uneconomical to transport to recycling plants, giving consideration to the high transport fee.

On this aspect, the brand is pretty much you can find in US market, the model has similar capacity for fair comparison, and the price is all-in price. We are confident as we outperformed our competitor (in same price range) by better service, longer warranty, high quality and commitment of buying back material at market price.

The most unique thing about GREENMAX is we are the only one in this market who consistently buy back the material as the biggest end user of EPS scrap in the world. Therefore, buying a foam recycling machine, such as styrofoam densifier from GREENMAX is never a one-time deal, but a life-time partnership.

Due to the difference in material density, the pressure required for hydraulic compactor during compression is not necessarily the same, because some heavy foam materials may compress and require more pressure to make the densified EPS blocks look better.

Since the hydraulic pressure is formed at one time, which does not have continuity, especially when it is just opened, it is not easy to form. On the other hand, in the gap between one contraction and another compression, a poor connection may occur and breakage may occur.

Because GREENMAX foam recycling machine has a large discharge outlet and the hydraulic one is generally small. If the hydraulic port is large, it can hardly obtain such big pressure, so that the pressure on the unit becomes smaller, but the pressure is not tight.

Moreover, since the material is compressed for a longer period of time, as we know the longer it be compressed, the better the densified blocks. Therefore, since the hydraulic pressure is generally shortly formed, and the material is easily broken.

INTCO recycling manufactures and sells GREENMAX EPS Compactors or Densifiers and Recycling machines or System, purchases back compressed EPS scraps, and reuses them to make frame products.