How does GREENMAX EPS compactor help the enterprises make profits from EPS recycling


According to the report published, EPS market has been experiencing steady growth since the past few years. In 2018, the global expansion EPS market value is $2.091, and by the end of the assessment year 2016, its annual growth rate is expected to reach 5.41%.



As the world's industrialization rate continues to increase, the use of EPS material in the construction and packaging industries continues to grow, and the demand for EPS in developing countries such as Asia Pacific and Latin America has also increased.


EPS is used in a wide range of industries, from distributors to manufacturers, from hotels to retailers, all the production and sales processes can produce EPS waste. What we should do is to recycle it in a proper way.



Generally, EPS disposal will create extra costs. Loose EPS products take up a lot of space and cost much during transportation. If you arrange a waste management company to handle it, it is really a pity! Not only do you lose the value of EPS foam, but you have to pay for it.


More and more enterprises have found benefits from EPS recycling and choose to recycle EPS foam themselves. Some local governments may have policy and financial support for such environmental enterprises to buy professional EPS recycling machines.



Installing GREENMAX EPS compactor in your own factories can help you win the reputation of zero waste enterprises, and the compressed EPS blocks can be sold to the recyclers or foam products manufacturers at a good price. If you have enough resources, you can also set up your own recycling and production lines to turn EPS waste into new foam products. All in all, the EPS compactor will help you make profits from EPS recycling.