Hot melt EPS densifier helps European EPS manufacturers achieve green production

Affected by COVID-19, European environmental policy tightened some time ago has undergone new adjustments. Brookline has suspended the ban on polystyrene food containers to facilitate the fight against COVID-19. During this special time, while EPS materials bring convenience to people, European EPS producers are stepping up the introduction of hot melt EPS densifier to complete the transition to environmentally friendly production.

Last year, with the tightening of European environmental policies, EPS producers urgently needed a way to prove that their companies are environmentally friendly to ensure that their benefits are not compromised. At the triennial K show, EPS manufacturers noticed the EPS recycling project launched by GREENMAX.

GREENMAX is a well-known California machine brand. Since its establishment in 2008, it has developed a professional recycling machine for EPS materials. The EPS recycling project launched by GREENMAX is divided into two parts. The first part is the sale GREENMAX hot melt eps densifier M-C100 to EPS manufacturers.

Hot melt EPS densifier M-C100 is a semi-automatic machine that requires very little manpower. In Europe where labor is expensive, reducing labor is equivalent to saving costs. The machine has a built-in rotary cutter and hot-melt screw. After throwing EPS waste into the hopper of the machine, it is first crushed into dust by the cutter, heated and melted by the high-temperature screw, and finally the recycled EPS produced at the discharge port is similar to solid bricks and becomes EPS ingot´╝îit is a recycled plastic.

The EPS waste generated during the production of EPS can be turned into a renewable resource after being processed by hot melt EPS densifier M-C100. This method can completely achieve the purpose of environmental protection production. What attracts European EPS producers the most is the second part of the EPS recycling project. GREENMAX promised EPS producers to acquired EPS ingot, which will allow EPS producers to obtain new benefits.

Hot melt EPS densifier can help EPS manufacturers to environmentally friendly production, and EPS products can help people defend against COVID-19, that is, if EPS waste is handled well, EPS materials will be of great help to people.