GREENMAX ZEUS series compactors can help people recycle EPE foam for the first step


Expanded polyethylene foam (EPE) is a kind of material that often used as the packaging of fragile products. Because it’s durable and lightweight and it has excellent vibration and insulation properties. It can also resist chemicals.

EPE is easy to process, and it shows high load bearing characteristics which help people reduce costs because they can use thinner and smaller amounts of foam and still protect their products.


Expanded polyethylene foams are ideal packaging materials that it can provide surface protection. And it can be applied in varies of industries. The market is divided into the packaging, surface protection, cold chain, automotive, sports & leisure, void fill, medical, construction, military, blocking & bracing, recreational, agriculture, and archery target segments. Protective packaging is a significant end-use application of polyethylene foams and accounts for a major market share in terms of volume.

Due to the growth of the EPE foam market, the waste EPE foams become a problem that people need to concern. The waste EPE foams are most likely to be sent to landfill which is not only cost a lot of land resources, but is bad for the environment.


There are more environmental ways in the world now which is recycling. EPE recycling is widely known in America. The first step for recycling is volume reduction. However, many people may not know how to reduce foam volume.

Machines like compactors can dispose loose foams. GREENMAX from INTCO has a ZEUS series EPE foam compactor which can help compress the EPE foam at a ratio of 50:1. The machine has a surface melting technology, so it can melt the surface of the compressed EPE blocks.


This special technology is much better than totally melting the EPE foams into ingots. The totally melting may destroy the characteristics of the EPE foams which may not good for the recycling and reusing and then to make other products. The ZEUS series compactor is a quite suitable helper for recycling. If you have large quantities of EPE foam to dispose, the GREENMAX compactor deserves you to choose.