GREENMAX works with recyclers to carry out polystyrene recycling projects in the Netherlands


As a recycling specialist, GREENMAX is committed to providing customers with a complete polystyrene recycling program, and also strive to make customers buy not only a recycling machine, but also invest in a high-yield recycling project.


Polystyrene is a lightweight, rigid foam that is widely used in insulation and packaging materials. At present, the most easily available waste stream is first of all fish boxes, followed by building materials such as polystyrene insulation boards.


As a big fishing country, Netherlands. The waste amount of fish boxes after use is measured by tens of millions of tons. At the same time, in the long winter in the Netherlands, polystyrene insulation board is the essential material for architecture, and the discarded polystyrene insulation board also is difficult to estimate.


Therefore, Dutch recyclers have chosen to partner with GREENMAX to invest in the "polystyrene recycling" project. According to the amount of polystyrene waste from the recycler, GREENMAX will recommend the most suitable machine of different capacity, like this polystyrene compactor A-C200.


The recycling machine can compress a large amount of polystyrene waste in a ratio of 50:1. The whole machine is built with high-end parts such as Siemens and NSK. The screw technology is used to compress the air of polystyrene and produce high-density polystyrene blocks.


This is only part of the polystyrene recycling program, and most importantly, GREENMAX can help recyclers turn waste into profit. GREENMAX is committed to repurchasing polystyrene blocks for granulation and recycling to produce a variety of frame products. Of course, the recycler can also find the end market for sale, and the recycled polystyrene cake is equivalent to a commodity.


Polystyrene recycling has a good market in the Netherlands, and GREENMAX encourages the polystyrene recycling project to achieve both profit and environmental protection.