GREENMAX upgrades EPS densifier water-cooled feeding system


With the development of the global EPS recycling industry, the recycling technology is becoming more and more mature. Recently, in order to meet customer demand, GREENMAX team has upgraded the hot melting machine and developed a water-cooled feeding system, which is fully automated without manual operation.


The water-cooled feeding system is designed to simplify customer operation process, after the hot melting function, the melted foam will be automatically cut off to the sink, through the water cooling and conveying to the spiral feeding machine, and then the spiral feeding machine will send the foam ingots to the packaging container, the whole process is automatic, do not need manual operation. After several tests by our engineering team, the system was officially put into use in March 2019.


Through the testing process, it was found that the water-cooled feeding system of the EPS densifier can run well, and the material will not be sticky after being cut, water-cooled and transported into the packaging containers and the whole process is automatically free of labor. The water-cooled feeding system includes three steps of cutting, water-cooled conveying and spiral feeding. The hot-melted material can be automatically collected into the packaging container, which greatly saves labor.


In order to make the system run better, it is recommended that the hot melting temperature cannot be set too high, and the cut-off time interval can be appropriately adjusted. On this basis, the screw feeder can also be equipped with a fan to further cool and remove water.


The water-cooled system of GREENMAX foam densifier is mainly designed for countries with high labor costs, such as Australia and Japan. The investment of new technology enables enterprises to greatly save labor costs and obtain more profits. Therefore, more companies are willing to devote themselves to the EPS recycling industry.