GREENMAX Turns Styrofoam Into Frames Successfully

Billions of tonnes of plastic waste is not easily decomposed hoarding in every corner of the world, the pollution and the harm to the environment can not be overemphasized, the current plastic products we use are mostly made of polystyrene, and it is estimated that in 2018 global demand for polystyrene will reach nearly 100 million tons, and what to do about so much plastic waste in the end?


Polystyrene is often used in the manufacture of packaging materials and fish boxes, but it is not easy to degrade and may even accumulate in our environment for several hundred years, according to the World Economic Forum, this year's research report pointed out that the ocean plastic waste has reached 150 million tons, and each year about 800 million tonnes of plastic waste was thrown into the sea, and sometimes, many birds or marine organisms ate and swallow them, leading to death of the animal.

In order to solve the problem that plastic waste caused white pollution on the environment, INTCO GREENMAX group consisted professional team, intends to make waste EPS into beautiful frames, to compact Styrofoam into blocks, and granulated into recycled GPPS, in the recycling process, it would not produce any environmentally harmful chemicals, or produce other waste.


GREENMAX team said, to compact so much volume of waste foam, need to use GREENMAX machine to recycling waste, while we found that many guests do not understand the recycling process of polystyrene foam, so our team decided to produce a machine for these guests, so that they can recycle EPS foam efficiently. Our GREENMAX production teams are in Jiangsu, have their own production workshop and a team of engineers. We can provide a variety of models of foam compressor upon request. Our machine parts are the world's top configuration, we are on a good use of domestic steel, then assemble them.

In the recycling process, GREENMAX recycling machine is very necessary, GREENMAX is the world's only complete EPS recycling solution provider, not only offers a variety of advanced foam recycling equipment, more importantly own the world's largest EPS recycling plants, turning the EPS waste into treasure, made all kinds of photo frames and building materials.

GREENMAX said, because we are the end-users of EPS waste, we use these waste EPS for granulation first, and then to produce environmentally friendly decorative frames, so in order to ensure the efficient use of styrofoam wastes, GREENMAX team 100% guarantee the quality of our machines. If you have your own compress or expand the EPS recycling amount ideas, we can provide a tailor-made program for you.