GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine increases foam fish boxes recycling rate in Europe


Recently, we received a consultation from the local government of a coastal city in Italy, looking for professional Styrofoam recycling machine for foam fish box recycling solution.



According to descriptions, a large proportion of Styrofoam waste in the current local civil waste system are fish boxes. But at present, most of the recyclers do not accept the recycling of this type of foam waste, so they searched online to see if there is company can offer professional Styrofoam recycling machine.

Many recycling centers in Italy now either send Styrofoam waste to landfill or send it to a power plant for burning. We asked why the staff would come to find a recycler specifically for Styrofoam fish boxes recycling. “It is the EU's plastic recycling project, which will reach the 25% recycling target by 2025. This has set specific responsibility indicators for local governments. Now there are too many plastics that have not been recycled. In fact, the true recycling rate of plastic packaging materials is less than 6%, and most of them are sent to be buried or burned.” said the customer.



Nowadays, the public opinion ban on plastics is very strong, especially organizations such as the Marine Conservation Association, which promote the photos and videos of fishes eating plastic in their stomachs. The public believes plastics, like Styrofoam should be banned. At present, some areas have begun to ban disposable Styrofoam food packaging such as straws and disposable coffee cups. If there is no way to increase the recycling rate of Styrofoam, it will affect many plastic manufacturing companies and then affect the entire industry and economy.



GREENMAX has more than ten years of experience in Styrofoam fish box recycling solutions. We have many customers in European cities such as Norway, Finland, and Italy.

GREENMAX provides professional Styrofoam recycling machine, specifically for fish box recycling, and can also be customized for stainless steel discharge troughs. GREENMAX has a good reputation in the industry. At the same time, we also hope to further develop in this industry, serve more customers, and help improve the recycling rate of waste Styrofoam fish boxes.