GREENMAX Styrofoam Recycling Machine – a Great Method to Dispose of Styrofoam for Furniture companies


Furniture manufacturers Are Suffering from Styrofoam

Styrofoam is often used as a packaging material for home appliances because of its shock-absorption and fall resistance. However, furniture manufacturers often have a headache of Styrofoam. That’s why? Although Styrofoam is light and unstable, occupies a lot of storage space and is difficult to transport, Furniture manufacturers still have to use it.



As an expert of Styrofoam recycling, GREENMAX has sold over 800 sets of Styrofoam recycling machines around the world, which can cure the headache of furniture manufacturers. McArthur Furniture, as the oldest furniture store in Canada, is one of customers of GREENMAX. How they handled waste Styrofoam was throwing all of the waste packaging into dust bins. And they had to pay more than $2000 per month for landfills. So in order to save costs and protect the environment, they chose to cooperate with GREENMAX.



How a GREENMAX Styrofoam Recycling Machine Dispose of Styrofoam

McArthur furniture chose to purchase Styrofoam compactor A-C200 from GREENMAX, which is a Styrofoam Recycling Machine that specializes in disposing of Waste Styrofoam. The process of using Styrofoam is quite easy to get started. Firstly, the Styrofoam is crushed, and then the Styrofoam is compressed and molded by a screw physically extruded to form Styrofoam blocks with a volume of only 1/50 of the original. The Styrofoam blocks will save much storage space and labor cost, even create profits by selling it to the recyclers.



GREENMAX Recycling Achieve a win-win Situation with Furniture Companies

GREENMAX provides furniture companies with a complete set of recycling projects. After selling these Styrofoam recycling machines to various companies, it not only helps them protect the environment and save costs, but also, GREENMAX will purchase the Styrofoam blocks they produce, and make these blocks into photo frames and decorative lines, and then sell them all over the world, let these companies achieve environmental protection and profit at the same time.