GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier Is Worthy Of Your Investment In Foam Recycling Industry

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), averagely referred to as its brand name "Styrofoam" is recyclable without burning and free of toxication, instead, EPS material has been widely used in various industries, including some emerging industry, therefore, it is vital and necessary to do EPS recycling efficiently and environmental-friendly.

Styrofoam can be densified by being shredded, then compacted into logs called 'ingots'. These logs are then palletized and shipped off to end users where they are recycled into things like crown molding and picture frames.

Technically speaking, as for individual residents, it is better to collect your household foam wastes and drop-off them to some curbside recycling program, as for related businesses, which are the main sources of polystyrene foam disposals, who have more responsibilities and pressures to deal with those valued recyclables. Styrofoam waste hasn't been a successful commodity in single-stream recycling, the product breaks into tiny pieces that are easily blown away by the wind, making it hard to be able to be recycled, because of this fact there aren't styrofoam densifiers (the machine that are able to professionally recycle EPS) at the Material Recovery Facility and any styrofoam that goes in the recycle ends up being landfilled.

The polystyrene compactor presses the foam according to the principle of spiral rotation to produce a mechanically-friendly equipment for cold compression and compression treatment.

In use, the operator only needs to put the foam into the hopper, and the foam will be crushed and compressed by the equipment shredding and crushing mechanism, and the block is produced after being processed by the screw mechanism. Double the foam volume and increase the density to facilitate foam recycling.

GREENMAX foam recycling equipment is featured by the below advantages:

1 .EPS screw compactor is non-toxic, odorless, completely green and environmentally friendly

2 .The Styrofoam compactor can be placed on the car for operation, not only convenient, but also quite efficient

3. Foam cold-pressing EPS briquetting machine directly pushes EPS foam, refrigerator liner and PU foamed cotton without heating

4. The foam cold press has a large compression ratio and can reduce the capacity by 50 times. Foamed cotton reduction capacity 8 times

5 .Foam cold press saves storage space and saves transportation and storage costs

6 .The EPS material compressed by the foam cold press is easy to recycle.

7 .The large model of the foam cold press can be operated synchronously with the conveyor belt to improve production efficiency.

Since the densified ingots or blocks are guaranteed by its quality made from GREENMAX styrofoam densifier, GREENMAX recycling also promises to buy back all the densified ingot which make you be rest assured to invest a Styrofoam densifier.