GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier helps Appliance company solve foam packaging troubles


As we know, Styrofoam is a common home appliance packaging material, but what we don't know is that Styrofoam packaging waste is also a headache for the home appliance enterprisers. Now, more and more home appliance companies are seeking professional Styrofoam densifier as a foam packaging recycling solution.



What troubles will Styrofoam packaging bring?

Taking up a lot of space. Styrofoam is known for its light weight and large size. For home appliance companies, the waste foam packaging materials generated from the warehouse, including the foam packaging brought back from customers, are very easy to pile up, occupying large storage space. These wastes must be dealt with in time.

High cost of Styrofoam disposal. “The current Styrofoam has been thrown into the dumpster, the size of the dumpster is 15-16 yards, it is cleaned 5-6 times a week, and the processing fee is about 6000-7000lbs per month” said the customer.



How to solve the troubles brought by waste Styrofoam packaging?

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is a good tool for waste Styrofoam packaging recycling. It is a hot melting machine with a double-shaft crushing knife, which can effectively crush the Styrofoam material into smaller pieces, and then send it into the main machine to rotate at a high speed by the screw, and transport the crushed foam scraps to the conical cylinder. After that, the Styrofoam scraps are heated and extruded out as dense ingots. You can use the mold to make the melted foam ingots into the shape you want before cooling. The melted foam ingots are 90 times smaller than the original volume.



Styrofoam densifiers are used by Styrofoam manufacturers, recyclers, and an increasing number of end users such as home appliance companies. GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is characterized by good quality, large capacity and high compression ratio, it has been widely used in the global market now!