GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier can meet your requirements for Styrofoam recycling


Styrofoam is commonly used as a packaging material to protect fragile items in transportation. Globally, nearly 10 million tons of Styrofoam produced every year, which can meet the needs of transportation, food packaging and other industries, and its output is continuously rising.


However, up to 98% of Styrofoam waste ends up in our waste stream, occupying 25% to 30% of landfills. It’s really a pity that such value material has been wasted and become the culprit that pollutes our natural environment.


Styrofoam packaging box is composed of 95% air and only 5% solid foam; due to its large volume and low weight ratio, even a small amount of foam material can quickly fill the recycling bin and containers. Recycling of plastic, paper and glass is common in the United States, but recycling of Styrofoam is rare. Japan, South Korea, and some European countries have recycled up to 60% of waste Styrofoam waste, but there are still problems.


GREENMAX offers professional Styrofoam densifier which crushes polystyrene into fragments. The foam melting machine heats and melts the foam waste, and extruding it into solid ingots that 90 times smaller than the original volume. Recycling Styrofoam waste has been easier with the powerful Styrofoam densifier.


With the application of GREENMAX machines, the customer has satisfactorily reduced the total waste transport volume by 80%. Our trained technicians will fully support our full range of equipment and insure them to run without problems.


As one of the fastest growing Styrofoam recycling companies in the United States, our customers cover major retailer chains, such as Ashley Furniture, Wal-Mart, Bloomingdale's, Macy's and others. GREENMAX also purchase back the compressed foam blocks from our customers at good prices and we are committed to keep long-term strategic relationships with our customers.