Greenmax Styrofoam densifier as a supplier can ensure high quality and efficiency for Styrofoam rceycling

On August 14, 2017, Rhonda Rogers, Senior Manager Quality Services, American Snuff Company, delivered the dinner address at the Annual Recycler of the Year banquet presented by the Tennessee Recycling Coalition (TRC). Organized by the Tennessee Recycling Coalition, the dinner is a highlight of two days of learning and networking aiming at Styrofoam and plastic recycling.

Since July 2016, Red Knight Distribution has eliminated 12,000 cubic feet of Styrofoam and plastic. The foam is placed in a Styrofoam densifier that heats up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It then goes through an auger into a heating element where it is melted, extruded and formed into a square block. The densifier, in a large extent, has eliminated the amount of Styrofoam that had no recycling outlet from going to the landfill.
Since we have found appropriate solution to solve Styrofoam recycling, the quality, the brand, the working efficiency, etc., ought to be highly emphasized.

Designed by GREENMAX, densifiers of MARS Series are specialized in Styrofoam recycling. It features at its hot melting process. The machine first crushes waste Styrofoam into pieces and these pieces will be melted after heating. Then the melted material will be squeezed out and shaped after cooling. Till now, MARS Series machines of GREENMAX have been sold in large quantities, and nearly 100 percent of the buyers come from the foreign countries.
As Styrofoam densifier supplier, INTCO recycling established its GREENMAX factory in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China in 2008, which is the only base for researching, developing, and producing the recycling machines. We employ outstanding engineers with professional technology, and advanced equipment for production and testing, to ensure the production of hi-tech recycling machines. Till now, with nearly 10 years’ rich experience, we have enjoyed a wide range of popularity at home and abroad.