GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor Is A Worthwhile Investment For EPS Recycling Industry


Considering about the tremendous demand for the packaging material, the world produces nearly ten million tons of polystyrene foam to meet the demands of food, shipping, fishing and other industries.


As we know that polystyrene foam is also known as expanded polystyrene foam, shorts for EPS, as polystyrene is 98% air, only 2% of the product, millions of tons of polystyrene products are an impressive material that is thrown away from home and businesses all over the country. 

However, polystyrene is a kind of lightweight material which makes it difficult and uneconomical to transport to recycling plants because the shipping fee is very expensive and you need to occupy large space for those Styrofoam disposals.


Styrofoam recycling has become a hot potato due to the lack of money and manpower, GREENMAX recycling has a total solution that can help individuals or businesses to deal with waste polystyrene foam more effectively and profitably.


It is of great importance to start-up your polystyrene recycling cause with a Styrofoam compactor, which is a kind of foam recycling machines can help you recycle the foam wastes. The machine is designed especially for Styrofoam recycling and it can work at a high ratio of 50:1 which means if you put 50m³ loose foam into the hopper, the compactors will crush the foam into pieces and then solidify the foam pieces into EPS blocks which are 50 times smaller than before.


Moreover, GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor is free of pollution in the form of air,water, and sound.It is a high quality foam processing machine with extra function, such as convey,silo, cutting knife and etc, it can be customized according to consumers’ requirement.


Once you have a set of GREENMAX eps compactor on site or loaded on a truck, it can help process all kinds of foams, such as eps, epe,psp,xps and epp, the solidified foam blocks can be sold back to GREENMAX recycling at a high price and the end users will granulate it into ps pellets to make new products such as beautiful frame products.


A styrofoam compactor could be a worthwhile investment for both individual business or professional group manufacturers both on environmental and economical perspectives.