GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor Helps To Facilitate Sustainable Social Development Both In The Environmental And Financial Sense

As seafood is full of protein, and more and more customers tend to eat fish rather than meat,

This is giving consideration to health and body shape. And the most popular way to help keep seafood fresh and save is polystyrene, which makes excellent insulated containers for any foods and provide the very best insulation for temperature sensitive products like seafood in transit. No other packaging material insulates as well or is as cost effective.

Since the overuse in seafood packaging materials industry, EPS fish boxes and containers have been a hot potato, some people suggest to ban on it, and some people speak well of it, GREENMAX recycling can fully solve this problem with its EPS recycling machine. 

EPS recycling machine can be understood as a polystyrene reduction machine, the principle of which is to compress the foam into blocks with high density. While working, the operator just needs to throw the foam block into the hopper, and the machine has a tearing mechanism to break the foam block, and then it extrudes the small piece of foam into a compressed block having a square cross section. There is a pressure regulating device at the front end of the Styrofoam compactor to adjust the compression ratio. 

And the main motor pushes the material forward through the screw, while the hydraulic system of the die is closed to compress the EPS foam. These materials will become blocky, the volume will be reduced by 40 to 50 times, and they will be easier to carry and transport.

The output of GREENMAX polystyrene compactor reaches 300kg per hour. It is equipped with maximum total power 46.15kw crusher motor and screw motors. This model of cold press is suitable for large seafood markets. It can be used by larger EPS waste recycling companies to compress waste materials. Customers generally compress the EPS foam block to a size of 5436*4458*4432 (l/w/h) mm.

GREENMAX styrofoam compactor can be of great importance to make a sustainable economy.