GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor allows Styrofoam waste to fully realize their value


Styrofoam (Foam #6 ) is a misunderstood material, in fact it has many environmental and economic benefits.


Hospitals can use Styrofoam's sealing properties to reduce bacterial contact, restaurants can use Styrofoam's insulation properties to provide customers with high-quality services, and the transportation industry can use Styrofoam's lightweight structure to package valuables…


The biggest misunderstanding of Styrofoam is that Styrofoam is considered a contaminating material. This is the wrong view, in fact, Styrofoam is a recyclable material. It is thrown into landfills rather than recycle bins, mainly because of Styrofoam recycling costs.


Styrofoam contains 98% air content, which has caused Styrofoam to have a lightweight structure and greatly increased the cost of storage and transportation during the recycling process. Fortunately, GREENMAX developed the Styrofoam compactor A-C100 for this purpose, making Styrofoam recycling a low-cost and even profitable project.


Styrofoam compactor A-C100 is assembled with high-tech parts, and uses screw compression technology to squeeze out the air in Styrofoam, and finally produces a high-density Styrofoam block. The volume ratio with Styrofoam waste can reach 50: 1, which greatly improves the efficiency of storage and transportation links, thus reducing the cost of recycling.


Styrofoam recycling is also a revenue-generating project. GREENMAX promises to machine customers that it will repurchase Styrofoam block at a reasonable price, and then use it as a raw material for exquisite photo frames to fully realize the value of Styrofoam.