GREENMAX Silo can save much labor when companies recycle Styrofoam

Have you started to recycle Styrofoam? Nowadays, Styrofoam recycling is rather a matter of concern for many people from the world. And the good news is that there are companies can supply recycling solutions to dispose all kind of Styrofoam materials. Such as fish boxes, food service packaging, home appliance packaging and so on. GREENMAX from INTCO recycling can supply such recycling solutions.


GREENMAX is a Styrofoam recycling specialist. It can supply all kinds of Styrofoam recycling methods for the first step. And INTCO can offer the rest solution to many Styrofoam materials. They can supply total solutions to the Styrofoam recycling and reusing.

GREENMAX has two different Styrofoam recycling machines, they are compactors and densifiers. Both of the machines can help reduce the volume. And then turn the bulky Styrofoam materials into blocks and ingots. INTCO can purchase back some of the blocks or ingots to granulate and to make other plastic products (frame products and XPS insulation board).


But what is the mentioned “silo”? Silo is one of the accessories supplied by GREENMAX that well received by many companies which have large quantities of Styrofoam materials. What’s more, the added value that brought from the silo is that it can save much labor costs.

To give you an example, GREENMAX has a client that manufacture home appliance in America. They have large quantities of Styrofoam packaging materials to dispose every month. GREENMAX supplied them the densifier with the largest capacity — M-C300.

The client in America said that they only need one person to operate the machine which is also connected with other two machines. If they don’t have a silo, they will need two more persons to operate the machine to recycle the Styrofoam materials. With the silo, the person can use the screw system of the densifier to smash all the waste Styrofoam packaging materials into pieces and then the pieces will be stored in the silo, and the next day the Styrofoam pieces will be sent to the melting system and will be melted into ingots.


The silo can help save almost 100 thousand dollars per year, which is not a little money. The silo also has another advantage that it can keep the warehouse tidy. Many companies that have GREENMAX without silo may come across the problem that the waste Styrofoam may make the floor messy. And it’s not safe enough to work in a messy environment.

If you have such Styrofoam recycling machines and you also want to save labor costs, the silo will be your best choice.