GREENMAX screw-type foam melting machine is widely used in foam recycling industry

If you are in the waste foam recycling or foam products manufacturing industry, you may have known two types of machines: foam compactor and foam melting machine. As you may know, these machines can compress the packaging and waste foam scraps at an optimal volume reduction rate.

Many manufacturers of foam melting machine refer to their equipment as foam densifier or thermal foam densifier. There are three types of foam melting machine on the market: Screw melting densifier, Hydraulic foam densifier and thermal systems. All three types of systems reduce the lightweight foam material to dense blocks, logs and lumps, but the most widely used at present should be the foam densifier with screw melting technology.

Screw-Type Foam Melting Machine

Screw-type foam melting machine works effectively to reduce waste foam volume and increase the foam density. This type of machine uses an auger to push the foam in at different speeds and pressures depending on the amount of foam that needs to be handled.

The Advantages of using Screw foam densifier

GREENMAX foam melting machine can help you reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 90:1, and densify multiple varieties of foam materials with one system. This type of machine is safe, efficient and easy to operate. Only one person is needed to operate it, which is very labor-saving. After the whole process, the hot melted foam waste usually become hard foam blocks and ingots.

In addition, the design of screw foam melting machine has long service life and low maintenance cost. They can also help your company save on shipping and disposal costs during the foam recycling process.

The uses of melted foam lumps

The recycled foam waste can be used as raw material to produce new foam products if the quality is up to standard. In fact, the products produced by recycled polystyrene are widely used in our lives, such as hangers, picture frames, insulation boards and even some food packaging boxes.

GREENMAX screw-type foam melting machine is widely used in foam recycling industry. It is not only save on storage and transportation costs, but also enable better prices for foam lumps.