GREENMAX Screw Compactor Helps Recycle Styrofoam Noodle Box


Styrofoam cup noodle has been quite popular among young people, especially at college dorm due to its convenience and cheap price ever since it's available on store shelves over half century.


It is reported that each year, more than 100 billion units of cup-noodle have been sold, as this kind of plastic made from expanded polystyrene, which is known for its lightweight, insulated and less pricy properity, since this sort of material is hard to recycle, therefore there is a must to do polystyrene recycling to help eco-system stay healthy.


For the last decade, polystyrene plastic has been widely used for many purposes, such as retail hanger, home appliance container, fish box, noodle box and so on, however, each coin has two sides, since most polystyrene disposal cannot be biodegraded, it's becoming a headache for environmental protection, due to bulky nature, most curbside recycling programs do not support polystyrene recycling.


However, nowadays, the most prevailing way to help recycle styrofoam noodle box is to make screw compactor play its role in EPS recycling program. Many companies spend a lot of money and time in developing state-of-art machine to help process polystyrene scraps and GREENMAX is one of them. The foam crusher they made quite different from the others, there are some characteristics below:


(1) Simple Parameter Settings on the Screen
(2) Reliable and Simple Operation
(3) Responsive Action and Controllable Time
(4) Multiple Alerts and Protection


The screw machine is mainly used for polystyrene disposal, such as styrofoam noodle box and home appliance packing foam, including EPS (Expanded polystyrene), XPS (Extruded polystyrene), EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) etc. Thus it can reduce the waste pollution of EPS and other items to protect the environment. Besides, by compressing the volume of EPS and other items, the costs of storage and transportation can be largely reduced, the compressed scrap blocks may be reprocessed into ingots and pellets which can be sold back to supplier or reproduce decorative frame products, which will make the recycling process much more simple, convenient and profitable.


In short, with the advent of polystyrene compactor, styrofoam noodle box industry can be able to greatly reduce the polystyrene scrap pollution, which is extremely beneficial to not only environment but also the economy, instead of landfill or burning the piled up noodle cups, people can put screw compactor into eps recycling system to make our eco-system much healthier and create more job opportunities in EPS recycling industry.