GREENMAX recycling machine proves the reusability of PE foam


Twenty-one years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a report entitled “Expansion of Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Materials Alternatives".


It is worth noting that this report examines the possibility of polyethylene replacing polystyrene, highlighting the strength and reusability of recycled polyethylene (PE foam).


Today, PE foam currently accounts for 30% of landfills, and an additional 4.6 billion pounds of polystyrene is landfilled each year. The EPA report was revisited and discussed.


Compared to polystyrene, PE foam is more durable, more sustainable and more cost effective. U.S. recyclers say that the proportion of PE foam packaging in the packaging waste shipped to recycling bins is increasing, and recyclers have to buy a new PE foam recycling machine for recycling the material.


The most classic PE foam recycling machine is the GREENMAX PE foam compactor Z-C200. This is a machine specifically designed to recycle PE foam materials, developed by the California brand GREENMAX. The capacity of a PE foam compactor Z-C200 can reach 200kg/h.


The machine contains the screw, which uses surface hot-melt technology to solve the expansion problem of PE foam. The recycled PE foam block is hard and the interior is soft. It is not only convenient for storage and transportation, but also convenient for cutting when the recycler granulates it or sells it to the granulation plant.


PE foam recycling prevents the polystyrene trash from entering the natural environment, and the GREENMAX machine also guarantees the reusability of PE foam. This material is worthy of expectation instead of polystyrene.