GREENMAX recycling machine can be economic for you

School is starting and the students have continued to return to school. The fast food stalls outside the school are getting more and more frequented by students. Students usually have breakfast or lunch at the stalls for convenience. However, the ensuing hidden dangers of garbage have seriously affected the school appearance, especially the environmental pollution caused by polystyrene foam containers. So how to deal with these wastes?

Styrofoam is also called Expanded Polystyrene which is used especially for making food service containers include drink cups, food trays and clamshell containers.

A lot of people think that polystyrene foam food containers cannot be recycled and should be banned. Actually, this is a mistaken thought and food service foam containers can definitely be in recyclable condition.

Usually, recycling is offered curbside in some communities. Some restaurants and other businesses collect foam cups for recycling by mail. In addition, some school districts have started recycling programs for polystyrene foam lunch trays and containers.

Being a lightweight material, the volume of polystyrene foam needs to be reduced with recycling machines. Polystyrene recycling machines can be supplied by GREENMAX recycling from INTCO which is an American brand. GREENMAX eps compactors and styrofoamdensifiers can both reduce the foam volume at high ratio and the compressed and densified materials can be reused to make other recyclable products and sold to be recycled with good price.

INTCO is also willing to purchase back the disposed polystyrene at good price, and it reuses the materials to make frame products. GREENMAX has already supplied its polystyrene recycling solutions to more than 60 countries and regions. GREENMAX recycling machine can bring economical recycling for you, if you are interested, welcome to leave your comments.