GREENMAX provides you total polystyrene recycling solution to turn waste into treasure

Dunkin Brands Group said on Wednesday that the company plans to stop using polystyrene foam cups worldwide by 2020.

The foam Market in the US market will be replaced by double-layer paper cups and will be introduced into New York and California market in spring 2018 and then extended to the whole country.

Most international stores have now used paper cups. Dunkin has more than 9 thousand restaurants in the United States. Prior to that, the company plans to achieve 80% consumer oriented fiber packaging by the end of the year in line with the US Sustainable Forestry Initiative standard.

As polystyrene can not be decomposed naturally, especially when disposable foam packaging waste is discarded at random, it will cause "white pollution". The potential harm caused by waste plastics to the environment has aroused universal concern in the world.

Polystyrene is not easy to decompose, which determines the fate of its final landfill, but it can be recycled to make a frame and other products by the recycling machine, so that it can give full play to its value, save resources and protect the environment.

As I mentioned above, the waste polystyrene can be recycled by a recycling machine, it is called “polystyrene compactor”. GREENMAX from INTCO, which can provided this machine to you , and also provide you total polystyrene recycling solution to turn waste into treasure. For instance, the waste polystyrene can be recycled by GREENMAX polystyrene compactors into EPS blocks, and then it can be reused to make picture frames and clothes hangers.

Now, GREENMAX has provided its polystyrene recycling for world-wild, which has always been contributed to the environmental protection of the world. If interested, you are welcome to join us.