GREENMAX provides high-quality foam densifier for seafood distributors


Foam #6, also known as EPS foam, is widely used throughout the seafood industry to transport various types of refrigerated products because of its heat-resistant, shock-resistant and water-resistant properties. Due to the good performance of EPS foam, it is difficult to replace EPS foam in all these applications, and no alternative material can provide better ecological properties for the packaging and transportation of seafood products.



However, for many seafood distributors or wholesale markets, recycling used foam fish packaging boxes is an expensive and difficult issue. As foam boxes are lightweight and large in size, they will incur expensive storage and transportation costs. As a result, many seafood distributors are looking for viable ways to recycle these foam packaging boxes, and gradually know some professional foam recycling equipment like foam compactor and foam densifier.

According to the survey, 90% of the foam waste in industrial applications are recycled, while only 10% of the seafood foam packaging are recycled and the remaining 90% are discarded and finally end up in landfills. Extremely low recycling rates waste valuable resources.



As the specialist in foam recycling industry, GREENMAX offers professional foam densifier with a compression ratio of 90:1. The hot melt machine can crush the waste foam into pieces through blades and gears, and then the foam scrap will be heated by the screw and finally extrude out as dense ingots. After the whole process, the foam lumps are 90 times smaller than the original volume. The recycled foam material can be sold and reused to make new foam products, such as picture frames and decorative mouldings.



Foam seafood packaging are valuable resources, instead of throwing it away, we can use professional equipment to recycle this material. GREENMAX is a good choice, we will provide you with the most high-end equipment and the best service.