GREENMAX provides great convenience for styrofoam recycling


Buying an ultra-thin TV, the styrofoam that wraps the TV may be bigger than the TV set; drinking a cup of coffee, the polystyrene cup like ghostly will be more and more. Without solutions to styrofoam recycling, almost all styrofoam go into landfills or oceans. Why can't we recycle them like other polystyrene?


Because the cost of styrofoam recycling is too high, the most obvious characteristic of styrofoam is its large size, but it is light weight. After collecting these styrofoam, is it to choose to rent a large warehouse storage, or to choose a small amount of styrofoam but multiple transports?


Undoubtedly, this is a huge expense, much higher than the cost of buying styrofoam after discarding waste styrofoam. Therefore, recycling of styrofoam is difficult to popularize. People even think that styrofoam cannot be recycled.


With the development of terminal markets such as frame manufacturing, the demand for recycled styrofoam has expanded year by year, and styrofoam recycling has once again received attention.


California-based GREENMAX offers its customers complete styrofoam recycling solutions, has developed a professional styrofoam recycling machine that compresses styrofoam into ingots in a 90:1 ratio.


This Styrofoam densifier perfectly solves the cost of storage and transportation of styrofoam, making styrofoam almost 100 % can be recycled.


Although the cost of purchasing the machine is also an expense, recycled styrofoam can be re-sold as a product. GREENMAX also promises to buy recycled Styrofoam. The money to buy a machine is not so much a cost, but an investment.